Endurance 1000
Endurance 1000 is a National program that is designed for swimmers who enjoy or wish to build up to longer distances. The program consists of a number of distances and strokes, which start at 400m and up to 1 hour duration. Points are awarded for each swim and a State and National trophy is awarded each year.

Noosa Masters has won the Vorgee National trophy for the past 6 years and the John Hughes QLD State trophy for the last 9 years and is aiming to repeat these achievements this year. The swim program aims to help swimmers aerobically. No rush and race – just a nice pace unless you are pushing yourself to better your own times. Many new swimmers have been surprised at how well they do in this program, and how much confidence it gives them.

Endurance swims happen on Tuesday morning from 7.30 – 9am and there is a casual group meet on Saturday afternoons.